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Llarimar (Scoot) Seems to be Cosmos Aware

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Llarimar, AKA Scoot, Lightsong's High Priest, mentioned the cosmere in Warbreaker. Although I'm not quite sure how much of it he knows.

Llarimar trailed off slightly, his eyes growing unfocused. "You saw something, Lightsong. On the other side, the future is visible, like a scroll that stretches into the eternal harmonics of the cosmos. Something you saw—something about the future—worried you.

Warbreaker, Page 104, Kindle Edition

Not only does he mention the cosmos, he also mentions the "other side" and seems to know something about it - he may have been taught it, but someone somewhere in the line must have seen it and told people about it.

Ok, I think I misread something. Bad.

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This actually leads me to believe that he's rather unaware, cosmerically speaking.


Cosmere != Cosmos. I'll sit up and take notice when Jasnah says "cosmere" to refer to the universe, but not when Llarimar says the wrong word.

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Possibly it's derived from the word "sphere", by analogy with atmosphere, biosphere, etc.? The word never struck me as odd, I think for this reason, although considering it now I realize that the cosmere might not actually be spherical.

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