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Could a Aluminum Allomancer Remove Basic Lashings From Himself? Could a NicroFerring store the Investiture from a Lashing in his metalminds?


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Are you basing that on this Brandon quote?



What benefit does an aluminum savant get? Yes, I know this would normally never happen because aluminum burns itself up. Suppose a mad scientist with a willing Mistborn test subject shoved a feeding tube down the Mistborn's throat to pump in a continuous stream of aluminum, replenishing it steadily so there's always a new unburned supply. Add another tube to pump out excess water if necessary. What would he discover? Alternatively, what would Sazed with his Shard-granted knowledge know?
Ha, that IS a little silly of a method. However, on the extreme end of aluminum, I have in the notes the possibility of cleansing the spirit of unwanted effects of other investitures. You'd get really good at this, and maybe even be able to cleanse the body of other impurities.



So it doesn't seem that Allomantic aluminum "cleans Investiture from sDNA", but I wouldn't be surprised if it could wipe out foreign Investiture. Good idea, over all.


As to the epilogue point: That's based on this quote from Brandon, which suggests some degree of cross-world magic interaction. The smart money is on Wit doing something flashy.




Can we expect to see a fight between a Windrunner, an Awakener, and an Allomancer in one of the Stormlight books?



I've said before that it's unlikely that the Stormlight books will ever delve strongly into the connections between worlds. There will be some cool things happening for the cosmere-literate, but this series isn't focused on those concepts. I want it to maintain its plot cohesion for those who aren't aware of all of the behind-the-scenes stories. Epilogue to Book Two should excite you, though.


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