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Mountainview Signing


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Alright, I had my 4 year old so I had to do a lot of "no, stop touching that! Shhh! be quiet!" and general paying attention to other things while this was going on, so I'll do my best to report.  Definitely a packed house. Looks like our friend here has reached a whole nother tier of fame in the last year or so.  


Readings: he did 2 readings, one from Words of Radiance, one from Shadows of Self. The second was absolutely hilarious and very memorable.  Lots of laughs from the crowd.


Weren't a ton of questions that there aren't already answers to. He rattled off his list of "what's coming next" and  "I have no idea if the options are really going to turn into films," which everyone pretty much knows on this forum by this point I assume.  


Two questions were "is there going to be any more alcatraz" (one must have come late). He did say something interesting about that in that he was going to write it on spec and would likely post it up for free until he found a publisher for it once that was done.  Cool!  


He was asked how many contracts he's had and has, and started to talk about the story where he had a contract for Dragonsteel and another book, which became Rithmatist.  He said the first book of Dragonsteel (can't recall the name off the top of my head though I know it and too lazy to look it up at this hour) didn't turn out well, and that he wasn't ready to write that series, which ties in all of his universes as a prequel.  And said he'd be avoiding more series where you have to really have read everything to get it until further down the line.  Confirmed that the next several books are going to be Stormlight related, along with the in between Wax and Wayne books, Steelheart books and Rithmatist.  


Someone asked a really good question about inspiration of Sazed's crisis of faith and religion. Brandon really opened up nicely here saying that he does a lot of research so that he can tap into how people really feel about their religions, and therefore not just argue his characters' religions from a token perspective, but hold something that feels a little more real (which he definitely succeeded with in Sazed).  He said he often hits up forums for different relgious beliefs and surfs there, because people tend to be very honest and passionate on forums, which gives him a nice basis to write from.  


I asked to confirm whether after Sazed's ascension if there were any more atium or malatium Mistings. He said "there are no more, in that way..."  and I said "In that way, huh?" and he gave me an ominous look. Interesting!  


Saw some cool people I'd met at previous signings and said hi (being the social butterfly I am), if you're one of them, good to see you again!  Sorry I didn't video or get a transcript or anything, too much work with the 4 year old!

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