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Glyphs page oops


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I was reading the glyphs page on the coppermind when I came across what I'm pretty sure is a mistake.

Glyphpairs are also used to mark slaves, despite the Vorin ban on slavery.

I believe whoever wrote this is referring to the fact that Vorin law mandates that slaves be paid for their labor (Albeit at half normal wages). Vorinism doesn't have an actually "ban" on slavery, so far as I know, slave conditions are just slightly better in Vorin lands. (If Vorinism didn't permit slaves, then how could Kaladin have been sold to the bridge crews in the first place?)


I don't have a coppermind account (yet), and I'm not sure what I'd fix this with anyway, so does someone want to cater to my hyperactive sense of semantics and make a correction?

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