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Yes, I named myself after a "Fiddler on the Roof" character


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Hi, I'm LazerWulf, or Lazer for short. (If you've seen a LazerWulf elsewhere, that's probably me, though I'm not affiliated with the Metal band from Georgia. I've been using this name for longer than they've been around, anyway.) 


I discovered Brandon through the Wheel of Time, which a friend of mine recommended to me. This was around the time Towers of Midnight came out, so I was able to quickly plow through the series. After I got through ToM, I was impressed enough with Brandon's writing that I quickly tore through all of his works, and love them all.


Not long after this, Brandon came to Houston for the Alloy of Law tour, which is where I first heard about Hoid (a fan asked a question about where he'd be in AoL). When I got home, I dived into the Coppermind Wiki and just fell in love with the idea of the Cosmere.


I'm semi-active in the comments of the Way of Kings reread on tor.com, and have read through most of the interviews on Theoryland (at least, the ones that have been linked to in the wiki).


Although, as much as I love the Cosmere, my favorite series of Brandon's is Alcatraz.


I'm also a big fan of Jim Butcher and Pat Rothfuss. Currently, I am reading through R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urdeen novels.

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