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Shared Compounding


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I'm interested to see, however, if you can get away with burning something that has only been charged to an extremely small amount of its total capacity, and so getting an equal allomantic yield while lowering the necessary input.


If nothing else, you could take a small bit of gold, scrape a flake off and charge that up with like thirty seconds of effort, then eat it and Compound it, and put the Compounded health in the rest of the gold you started with, then Compound that. You really don't have to start with much Feruchemical charge at all regardless of the theory.


That said, my understanding of the Realmatics of focuses (foci is the proper term apparently but Brandon used focuses) tells me that the amount of Feruchemical charge shouldn't matter so long as there is enough to turn the Allomantic into a Feruchemical effect at all.

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1) Yeah... you're right. We're referring to trueselves.  :blink:


2) I don't quite think complete Identity-erasure is necessary: or at least that if it is, I think that Feruchemical aluminum actually can do it, given what we know. Recall that it seems that Augor's needn't be Feruchemists in order to tap such metalminds, so it seems that "identity as a feruchemist" isn't required. That, coupled with the fact that spike-having Inquisitors can tap their donors' metalminds, suggests "muggles can tap" to me.


Nope, spike-having inquisitors can tap metalminds because they have a relevant spike to make them non-muggles, (and more specifically, to make them spiritually close-enough-to-the-same-person to access the metalminds) thus they can make their own stores to compound if they have the necessary spikes for both feruchemical and allomantic powers. The only thing backing up the idea that allomancers don't require the ability to tap feruchemical metalminds in order to compound them is that Word of Brandon.


It's also possible that Feruchemical Aluminium allows for identity erasure, isn't it?


What you don't know is what type of tricks they need to do in order to make that metalmind accessible to the hypothetical Augur- it could well be that metalminds are accessible to ferrings and feruchemists when they're blank-identity, but need to be specific to the Augur in order to be compounded. (In which case, a Trueself Augur could store his Identity in an aluminiummind, and a full feruchemist could store her own Identity, tap the Trueself Augur's identity, and then possibly store in a goldmind, assuming the process doesn't make her into a trueself Augur)


It would definitely be interesting to know, but remember, your WoB is specific and the answer is short and vague. Don't read too many additional specifics into it. :)

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Well this is a bit of a necro.  :unsure:


Okay, though, I'll try to reacquire my mindset of a year and a half ago.




Note that the following is potentially myself giving past-me too much credit:


I seem to have phrased myself rather poorly in that post. Try replacing "tap" with "tap into" and I think that's more accurate. I was (I think?) speaking more in generalities about the nature of how metalminds are "locked" to their users, rather than about the mechanics of how you actually get at the attribute.


Two relevant WoBs:


-Inquisitors (and other Hemalurgists) can access the Feruchemical stores of their "donors"; they don't need to have made their own stores. I'm not quite sure whether you were taking issue with that, so I'll drop the WoB just for completeness's sake.


-Muggles can indeed tap somehow, something I seem to have half-remembered (thus explaining some of my certainty) but not been able to find for sure back in 2014 when we were having this discussion.


Source (Paraphrase):

There is a way to get a non-powered person to access a metalmind. (Presumably now, with the Mistborn RPG, we know that this may have something to do with Identity.)


EDIT: Ah, you seem to have edited your post while I was composing mine. Let's see...


-Okay, so you did know about accessing donor metalminds. Feel free to ignore the WoB, then.

-It seems I agree that it's possible that Feruchemical aluminum allows Identity erasure, since I acknowledged it as a possibility back in that post you quoted.

-Re: Parenthetical on Augor/Trueself-twinborn + Full Feruchemist scenario: Well that seems a bit complicated. Sure, possibly within the bounds of the WoB, but it would seem downright deceptive of Brandon to implicitly assume that the "Augor" I asked about was actually a specific kind of twinborn.

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-Inquisitors (and other Hemalurgists) can access the Feruchemical stores of their "donors"; they don't need to have made their own stores. I'm not quite sure whether you were taking issue with that, so I'll drop the WoB just for completeness's sake.


That was my questions  :wub:

Anyway from his answer I think that to be a Ferring isn't a requirement to tap into a metalmind. But you of course must have the right "Identity" to do that. Unluky in my question I had to use Hemalurgy as example of power-loss. And the Hemalurgy change deeply the victim :(

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