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The Nature of Truthless


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I didn't see a thread regarding Truthless I wouldn't have to necro so I'm going to make this new one.

It talks in the past about there being 10 kingdoms and that each kingdom had someone sitting on a throne within the halls of Urithiru.

We also know that the Shin people abhor violence. This leads me to believe that whoever their "Truthless" is, is the person who takes up the mantel to be the Shin representative within the Halls of Urithiru when the KR and the Heralds return.

The Oathstone, I would imagine would be a thing which was given to the Heralds so as to keep the Shin person from simply running in fear of their religious persecution for killing and walking on stone etc...

Said person would be Truthless, because whereas they are to represent the whole of Shinovar, they do things that no Shin would ever do. Therefore their station in Urithiru lacks even an ounce of Truth.

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