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Question RE: User Groups


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Excellent question. I split this into its own topic so I could sticky it and also so it could be clearly labeled, because other people might be wondering the same thing.

In answer to your question, here are the groups and what they do:

Administrators: Pretty self-explanatory. We run the site.

Global Moderators: Again, this one's pretty universal. They help the Admins run the site.

Team Sanderson: So far, this group has two members - Brandon Sanderson and Peter Ahlstrom.

Ardents: The staff who deal with theories and their respective forums

Obligators: The staff who deal with RP, fanfiction, and their respective forums (including MBI)

Radiants: The staff who deal with the community and its respective forums

Returned: The staff who deal with fanart and its respective forum

Soulcasters: The staff who deal with coding and skinning

Worldbringers: The staff who deal with the Coppermind Wiki and its respective forum

Members: The general population

I hope that helps! I'll come back to add some formatting to this when it's not three in the morning.

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