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Installing Windows 7 on Mac

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I'm trying to create a partition for Windows on my MacBook (currently running OS Yosemite). I've tried a VM through VirtualBox (Parallels is too expensive for me), but it's not quite what I want.


Edit: Apple's own tutorials on this have not helped me either.

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Well, I usually just reformat the USB, then mount the ISO, copy the files out of the ISO into the USB, restart the computer, then tell it to boot from the USB. I might have a look into it, but I don't use Macs so I'm not sure if the same thing works...

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What is the actual version of Windows 7 in the downloaded ISO?  Often, the ones you get from school programs like that are a hybrid 32/64-bit installer, and those don't play nice with Boot Camp.  I don't know if they would typically work better with VirtualBox, where you'd just need to set them as a boot source (add the ISO as a "drive"), but I have seen that cause problems before.



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