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New and feel behind


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Hello, I figure I would introduce myself!! 


My boss actually got me into the Cosmere stuff and now i am obsessed. Here was my reading order




Mistborn 1,2,3


Finishing Alloy of Law now. 


I am trying to traverse this site very carefully. I do have to say though, all of these books have made me love reading again. 


Anyway, just wanted to say HELLO!

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Hey there Pauly! You may want to consider changing your username to something not related to your personal email account ;)


Also, is your boss on the 17th also? I'm currently trying to get one of my colleagues and my mother to join. 

Changed, thanks.. not sure how that happened. 


He is, not sure where or what his name is... I will find out though. He is the one that told me about this site. 

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I'll bet your boss is Titan Arum. He's tricksy that way.

Make sure you check out the Sanderson Elimination forum, for the classic party games of Mafia and Werewolves restyled into Sanderson settings. Get your monthly dose of intrigue, suspicion, and betrayal with LG14, signups open now.

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