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WOW! 29 years old...and now JUST BECAME A READER


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Growing up I've read a couple things from english class and what not, but Brandon Sanderson has enchanted me into reading / audio books while I drive. I am in love with his cosmere. I will not stop until i've read all of his works!


So far I've read:


Mistborn Series (to date)

Alloy of Law (I guess part of the same series)

Stormlight Archive (both books)


I then just started at the beginning and read Elantis (LOVED IT)


I can pop on some audio book action and clean my house. 5 hours later the whole house is spotless... the wife is super happy, but the whole time... it was like I was a cleaning zombie, trapped ever so sweetly inside the cosmere! What a wonderful replacement to over-binging netflix!


@Brandon - I LOVE YOU BRANDON YOU ROCK! The dynamic characters you create... I am dumbfounded that all of this comes from one mind! Don't ever stop! I'll follow you until the day I die. I will have read all of your books within a year.


Oh... and Hi everybody!



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