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Theories of Weakness


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I am listing possible theories that have been discussed as to Steelheart's weakness:


1) Genetic/Metal: Only David's father / the bullet that was fired can harm him because of unique properties.


2) Harry Potter: David's father was protecting him from Steelheart/Deathpoint, which allowed the killing shot to work.


3) Intention: David's father wasn't intending to harm him, he was intending to harm Deathpoint


4) Inheritance(reference to the book series) : David's father was trying to help Steelheart , which allowed him to hurt Steelheart.


5) Radiation: Something in the bank (gold?) interfered with Steelheart's abilities


6) Mortal Wounds: Only a shot that will kill and intended to kill someone can hurt Steelheart before it hits the target


Have fun explaining why each is wrong!  :D

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So, I don't so much have an organized theory as a few points I would like to make.

1. For the purpose of full disclosure, I admit that I am most in favour of the something-in-the-vault theory, though I am also slightly suspicious of it.

2. I don't know if the Harry Potter comparison is entirely fair. The power of love group of theories seem to centre around the idea that Steelheart was made vulnerable because Dave's father was attempting to protect him-Steelheart from Deathpoint, that that protective intention was what allowed Steelheart to be harmed. (In HP, Harry was protected from Voldemort's curse by the fact that his mother died to save him from said curse and curser... Which in itself paints kind of a dark picture, as that was apparently the first time someone sacrificed themself for another person during Lord V's whole reign of terror. Real nice, wizards. But I digress.) Anyway, I think there is some merit to the intent theories, because A) all epics are evil B) how better to describe evil than to say it is a lack of compassion, or love, for other people? C) Since he can't understand compassion/love/protctiveness, the psychic armour or whatever that protects Steelpoint is rendered useless by it.

3. About vault theories: I think it is relevant that Deathpoint, a weaker Epic, can't effect bones or metal, which are comparatively more solid, more dense, than anything else on or in a person's body. (I'm kind of curious to know what happens to a person's glasses.) Gold, which could reasonably be stored in a bank vault, is really, really dense - perhaps dense enough to interfere with Steelheart?

4. I think that if Steelheart were vulnerable to accidental damage, he would be in serious trouble the the first time he went on a building-wrecking rampage and knocked out a load bearing wall. I'm no epic, but probably a solid ninety-five percent of my total lifetime injuries have been the results of accidents... So, seems like that would hardly be a good path to invulnerability. :-) (And the Steelheart menace was ended with the Epic carelessly crossed the street without looking both ways....)

Anyway, those are my thoughts, can't wait to hear how you argue with then!

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I think might have something to do with the fact that David's dad firmly believed that epics and in particular Steelheart were a force for good. This is similar to the intent theory but it is more to do with his general outlook than his specific intent. David's dad could hurt Steelheart because he was not afraid of him and nor did he hate him but rather trusted him. The reason I find this the most interesting theory is because it gives David and the other Reckoners a very hard task. Even if (and I expect when) they learn Steelheart's weakness they still have to find someone who genuinely believes Steelheart is good or one of them has to come to believe in his goodness for themselves. I think that sets up a much more original story that it just being some item in the vault or whatever that made Steelheart vulnerable. Not that David won't havew to eliminate all the other theories first. I can totally see a failed assassination attempt using gold.

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Yes at the moment the "Something in the vault" scenario seems most likely, if only because Steelheart glanced back into the vault in the very same paragraph that he realized he was injured.
However there was also mention of Deathpoint possibly having a second power that he was trying to use at the same time. It's possible that this second power was responsible. 

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Not so sure about the Vault theory.   He destroyed the entire city to hide the fact that someone harmed him.    I think it's more emotion based, like the vulnerability of the Epic that David and the Woman killed (Physical Attraction).   My thought was someone trying to help him in some way was how he was hurt.    Steelheart shows strength through brutality and destroy all weakness.   Nobody would dare try and 'help him' for fear of insulting him.


So, I guess this is my second Brandon based theory.    

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David's dad could hurt Steelheart because he was not afraid of him and nor did he hate him but rather trusted him.


Nicely done.  I had to read the ending twice in order to get how David understood and used it, but once I did, it made total sense.

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