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Recently began the book!


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Right now I'm going to guess that the God-King is a puppet, figuratively and/or literally. Siri, Vivenna, and Lightsong will probably overthrow the power behind the throne, narrowly averting a disastrous war. Not sure yet what will happen with Vasher and Nightblood, though I'm very interested now in the theory that Nightblood ends up on Roshar.


Another thing that's interested me is how transformative the Shard can be. Elantris and Warbreaker alike have ordinary humans changed into godlike beings, and if you add in the wraiths from Forests of Hell, it begins to seem like radically changing/resurrecting people is a common theme in the magic of the Cosmere.

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I finished the book a few days ago and I enjoyed it a lot. I'd heard about the Sanderson Avalanche, and by this point I'm starting to see the pattern. Everything happens in the last hundred pages or so, right?


I was truly surprised with how things played out. Sanderson always does a good job making you think you know what's going on, that you have it all figured out, then completely turning things on their head in a way that still makes perfect sense.


I really hope we'll see more of Nalthis at some point. And with Nightblood (and maybe Rasher?) on Roshar, who knows where things will go from here.

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Well I'm pretty sure we're getting a second book called Nightblood. I think.

With a cliffhanger like that we need another book. But for now let's leave our black shardblade and the rest of Vasher's past a mystery.

Minor WoR spoiler maybe?

Can't have that guy stealing too much thunder in Oathbringer. Zahel is supposed to be relatively Hoid-levels of minor.

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