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Theory on Parshendi


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I just joined a few moments ago, so sorry if this theory has been posted before.


I think the Parshendi are not bad at all. They probably have some prophecy and in order to fulfill it they needed to start a war with the Alethi in order to prepare the Alethi for the last desolation

I think it was in one of Dalinars visions where they said the Alethi are supposed to be the warriors during the desolations. So in order to strengthen the Alethi or even unite them, the parshendi went to war with them in order for them to achieve these goals. 


The Parshendi do a lot of wierd things in battle, like show respect for the enemy and sing and salute Kaladin when he goes back to rescue Dalinar (i think). They just do not seem "barbaric"

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You should check out some of the Words of Radiance readings for more information on the Parshendi, specifically the Eshonai reading (Parshendi POV).


Here you go, DragonReborn. Welcome to the forums!

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Thanks, it was a good read. Are there more of those excerpts from the next book?

If there are, where would i find them?


Here's another one, this time from Dalinar's viewpoint. This stuff is usually posted in the "Events, Signings, and Stalking" forum, thanks to the cool people here who transcribe Brandon's reading events.

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