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This is a question mostly about symmetry. So first off all of the lines we have confirmed,aside from the nine point circle and lines of making, are symmetrical in some way, lines of vigor and revocation, use shifting symmetry. The circle aside from nine point have both rotational and reflective symmetry. the line of silencing has rotational symmetry. Even ellipse have reflective symmetry. This feels important but I can not figure out how and it is irritating me.


Thoughts and theories please.  

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If one thing (nine point circle) doesn't fit, I don't think this idea means nothing. The nine pointer doesn't fit, so I don't think this is a good theory.

On the other hand, I don't like being close minded. I guess maybe it could be for LoW (lines of warding) that only the shape that the bind points are based off of(4 pointer: square 6 pointer: hexagon) has to be symmetrical. The triangle of the nine pointer IS symmetrical.

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 The triangle of the nine pointer IS symmetrical.


You are in error here Ender.  The triangle used to identify the bind points on a nine point circle is a scalene triangle as shown http://brandonsanderson.com/images/rithmatist/RITHMATIST_DIAGRAM_CH-17_webres.jpg'>here.

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