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Tower of Nebrask - The Peace Ray reference?


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Probably apropos of nothing, but Tesla proposed building his "Peace Ray" in Omaha Nebraska. An ultimate weapon created by a mad scientist which could destroy innumerable troops on land and thus make war impractical.


I hardly think that Nikola Tesla qualifies as a mad scientist.  He thought up the charged particle beam accelerator as a means of defending the borders of a nation against an aggressor.  The press is what gave it the name "the Peace Ray" or "the Death Ray".  His plan was for it to be a counterbalancing response particularly to the rise of aerial bombing.  Rather visionary considering how much we are aware now of the critical importance of air superiority.

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"[A]ll the defenses names are based off of families he knew in Nebraska, and the evil tower is paced where his childhood house would be."

It's still possible that Nebrask has additional parallels, maybe including Tesla's death ray. Artists like combining things. But it seems more of a stretch to me.

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