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Hello sharders


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Greetings everyone!


After read through the coppermind and lots of articles in the forums I finally got an account.

I'm a big Sanderson fan since I've read Mistborn. And even more since I discovered the 17th Shard. I've read every cosmere book at least three times.


I hope I can discuss with you, because my English isn't the best. I'm from the other side of the big pool called Atlantic and I'm very bad in learning languages.  :P





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Hi Starspren, where is Europe are you from? Don't worry too much about the language barrier, you're not the first non-native English speaker here, and no-one will complain much if you're spelling or syntax is a little off :) people are usually happy to clarify statements if there's at confusion too :)

Glad to see more new faces (hey Admins, is there any kind of analytics of membership/activity over time? I'd love to see that somewhere. Yes, I'm a nerd I know :P)

I'm sure the spike and cookie will arrive shortly for you. Incidentally, I may have just accidentally stumbled on the best spike-delivery method to date ;)

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