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Shard Numbers


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Are the 16 shards numbered? If so, is that the reason for holy numbers or reoccurring numbers (like 16 for Perservation)?

For Roshar, 10 reoccurs a lot. 10 could be Honor's number.

On Nalthis, it is 5. It might be Endowment's number.

All these numbers are 16 and under. Nothing above 16 yet.

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There are ten forces, surges, that exist in the world.

Some real-world theories say there are six basic emotions, and through those six all emotions.

Even a shard doesn't have infinite power, it takes time for it to be drawn out of the Spiritual Realm (example of Shardpools on Scadrial).

Maybe it relates to how the shard is connected to those forces and/or emotions?

Adonalsium's pieces were picked by people for a reason, it seems likely that they chose locations for a reason as well. If you were a piece of raw creation, what would you need? 

Going off of the Shards we know, I believe four could be categorized as "Emotion" and the others as more natural forces or concepts. 

If a shard only has access to specific types of forces, or only plentiful access to specific types, then the quantity of them would be a reoccurring event. Everything that shard does would be a mixture of those ingredients.

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