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Chapter Summary Template and WoR Summary work


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Hey all,


I've been starting to create new individual chapter summaries for Words of Radiance and I ran across an issue with the Chapter Summary Template not allowing more than one viewpoint character. This isn't too big of an issue as most chapters focus on one character but later in the book some chapters jump around quite a bit. Is there a way to add this functionality? I'm a nooby at this and don't want to go breaking the official template :P.


On another note, right now the main summary page contains most of the information for a given chapter. Do we want to change this to be more in line with the Way of Kings summary, which just includes the summary and epigraph, and move the additional information to the individual chapter summary? I would like to work on improving and unifying the look of the summaries and just wanted the vision that you guys have for them!


Thanks for your time!

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For now I would say hold off on doing a lot of work on the individual pages for now.  At least until I can write up and nail down a lot of thoughts and plans for this project.  This is a topic that has come up a couple times in the past week or so hopefully I can get to it soon.  This is definitely a long-term, more back-burner project, completing the main summary pages (as well as improving the actual content articles) is more important.


My preference would be that if people do decide to work on this that they finish a chapter to as near completion as possible before moving on to the next.  My reasoning being that this makes it easier on me keeping track of things and so that sections (such as "Notable", which is arguably the most important section for this project in my opinion) do not fall through the cracks.

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Alright sounds good, I just got the rest of part 1 into individual pages since they have summaries and characters. Added setting, chapter header and notables that I could think of off the top of my head to them but I think I'm done making new pages for now (might do the first interludes as they have summaries and characters).


Plan is to now actually go back and fill in specific notables for each chapter as I am about to start another re-read as well as describe the relevance of the specific heralds in the chapter headers.


Does having a sub-section in notable called 'Quotes' seem like a good idea? No to have too many, just the really noteworthy and/or funny ones. 

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