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"Oh no! Another one?" Ask Mek anything.


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What are you studying in?



Computer Science. Programming appeals to me because it's such a powerful skill. With enough time and resources, you can do practically anything. There are some games I've been thinking of making, in particular...

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Ah, a Reckoners RPG person. That's why I haven't seen you around yet. Well, hello! I'm Mistrunner and I'm crazy.


What's your favorite color? Would you be willing to make a Sanderson-related game with those programming skills? We'd all thank you...


I spent a lot of time posting on the theorycrafting section, actually, but that was before I realized that most theories have already been crafted. I still read most of the rest of the forum, but it's the community that I'm most interested in now. Everyone's so nice and friendly!  ^_^ I played Sanderson Elimination for a while, but I got really sad after that LG12 Game where I was the hounding for several kills that were actually on innocents. I felt pretty bad about that. I'm probably GM-ing a game soon, though.


Anyway, the Reckoners RPG is super fun, if you have enough time for it.


Favorite color? Blue again.


And yes, there are several Sanderson-related games I've been thinking of. Just little side projects. One is called "Stormlight Archives: Conqueror." It's based off of the game board made in this thread. I have a vague idea of the rules, but it would basically be an online board game that's a mix between Risk and Axis and Allies.


The second is an RPG based off of Wyrm's Heirs to the Final Empire thing. It's a sort of free-from choose-your-own-adventure game with a combat system similar to Fire Emblem where you start as a minor house jockeying for power among a sea of rivals.

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