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The Letter: Writting Substrate ***possible spoilers***


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This may be totally speculative right now and I posted this in the list of questions for Brandon, but I am curious to know what you all think. In the epigraph in The Way of Kings, what does the unnamed character write the letter with and on what is it written?

After all, the writing substrate was very significant on Scadrial.

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First: I would consider adding a spoiler to that since we're in the Stormlight Forum and not the Cosmere one. The code is "spoiler" with ['s one either end [like this] before the text and then "/spoiler" at the end.


This is an EXCELLENT question. I'm not sure if the material will play as large a role as it did in (btw, it contains a Hero of Ages spoiler in case you haven't gotten that far)

the Mistborn series. I loved how only metal couldn't be altered. Plus, neither Ruin nor Preservation could read writing in metal, which makes me assume that Sazed with Harmony will not be able to either.


But I really think that writing in general will be a big deal. We know that a spren can be made to retain a certain characteristic when they are defined by written words. I'm curious to see if the same rules will apply on Roshar.

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