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Duel to the Death: Adolin vs TLR vs Sadeas...


Who would win?  

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  1. 1. Who would win?

    • Adolin
    • The Lord Ruler
    • Sadeas
    • Surprise entry: Bob the chasmfiend

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...in a fashion show!


The losers are shamed to the point of jumping off the honor chasm without investiture.


The show takes place in the Court of the Gods in Hallendren.

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Finaly a "duel" thread that makes sense.

Is emotional allomancy allowed? If then, TLR wins. Else, it gets harder. He lacks the colorfulness that Hallandren likes, but his black and white clothing would suffer interesting changes in Susebron's presence, and he could teach the Returned a thing or two about looking properly divine.

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Thinking again, TLR is too dour for Hallendren and his outfit would look ridiculous in the presence of Susebron. Sorry, but I will have to change my vote to Adolin. Plus, he is the only one who doens't deserve to die(and depending on which chasmfiend Bob is, the only one still alive)

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