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Dalinar's . . . Death??

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So, I was perusing the wiki, when I found this:


And I know Sanderson has changed the flash back sequence, so that Dalinar's flashbacks are in 3 (most likely). But look at this part.

Brandon has repeatedly asserted that the fact that the book shows his back story doesn't guarantee that Dalinar will be alive for the events of Highprince of War.

This is very vague. However, now it is time to speculate.

Do you think Dalinar will die before we reach book five?

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Where's the exact quote? The wiki doesn't have a source. Although, that's not as relevant now that we know his book will be the third. If Dalinar does die, I highly doubt it will be before the 5th SA book.

 He's in charge of uniting the Radiants, after all, and he can't do that if he's dead. Plus, he's bonded to the Stormfather.

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Dead people can still achieve many things in the cosmere, Eowyn.

Though it does make things a bit more bothersome.

Tell that to Gavilar. I'd say he topped Kelsier in after death influence, apparently without even

becoming a ghost.

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I have a feeling his death will be a big thing to end Part 1 of the ten book series. I just do not see him going to the end, and for some reason can just imagine him going down near the end of Act I in order to shake up the story and the arcs of all the characters close to him.

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I have the strong feeling  Dalinar will die. Just sounds that the kind of character arc in which the man builds himself as a strong leader, the hope of everyone... and then he dies, so the younger/unexperienced leaders must find a way without him.

It´s rude to compare but I´m thinking about Harry Potter, TLOTR, even ASOIAF... 


And following this dark path of thinking, I also think Kaladin has his days counted. Anybody agree?

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