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2 duralumin/nicrosil questions


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1. If someone nicrobursts a mistborn burning duralumin and another metal, would that metal be even more powerful?


2. Does flaring nicrosil/duralumin makes any different?


Bonus question: Why are there no mistborns in the Alloy of Law? They're mentioned as mythological beings.

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Are there any ferochemists? (I'm only half way through, but I wouldn't mind knowing if there are and if so, why feruchemsits and no mistborns)

No full feruchemists that we know of. 


Apparently interbreeding with mistings messes up the expression of feruchemical spiritual genetics, so you only get ferrings instead.

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Unfortunately we have no definitive WoB answer on 1 or 2, but it should be possible to flare either and get an even stronger effect, or use Nicrosil to boost Duralumin, they'd just last an even shorter period of time but be even stronger but yeah, just conjecture at this point, hopefully we'll see this kind of thing in the second series when it comes out.

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