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hacking allomancy with hemalurgy


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I don't see how that counts as hacking.

Though AFAIK it does cause the DNA in it to get spliced onto you. Must've decayed by the time you can swallow it though. And imagine swallowing a spike without hurting yourself.

I imagine it'd be like burning a metalmind. you could feel the power, but not access it, unless it was stolen from you are was already spiked into you.

So probably not.

Burning a metalmind to use its power isn't even difficult though. The metalmind just has to be yours.

People have been doing that perfectly well since the Lord Ruler with extremely overpowered results.

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There's a few different WoBs on that one, one states as natc said that it would permanently splice your DNA with the spike which would 'have some very unusaul results'. One states as Joe said that you could only burn a spike that had stolen your own power. One states that trying to burn one would cause intense pain and potentially nearly kill you I think. And a few more recent times it's been RAFO'd.

So short answer: We have no idea.

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I think the intense pain one involved burning the spike while it was stuck in you, in reference to Inquisitors.

But yeah we have no clue what would happen. Common trend with lost arts. Burning a metalmind for power still isn't a good comparison though, since that has so many known and theoretical loopholes surrounding it already. Some of which involve identity-screwing.

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