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Hey, all. I'm Troub. I'm also terrible at introductions. To rectify that, I'll just fire off random facts about me and let you find some kind of common ground.

-I first got started on BS's work when my brother bought me a paperback copy of Elantris as a birthday present. Needless to say, I was hooked, or I wouldn't be here.

-I occasionally posted back on TWG under the name TPaS -- an acronym I can only vaguely recall standing for something significant, now. I got a look at most of the unpublished stuff BS posted there -- the first few chapters of Liar of Partinel, et al.

-I like to consider myself a storyteller, be it through writing, music, game design, or any of a dozen other different fields.

-I also dabble in graphic design.

-I like video games. A lot. I'm working on designing one in a wonderful program by the name of RPG Maker.

That's about it. I'll lurk more than I'll post, I suspect. Nice seeing all the familiar names again.

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