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What does Odium hate

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Okay, Rayse has become basically the physical embodiment of hate when he becomes the shardhorder for Odium. And we also know that a shards purpose shapes peoples personalities. Here is the question, what does he hate. Himself, everyone else. only things he hasn't created. Is he an Omnicidal Maniac?

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" Odio " Spanish for hate. Hate is an extreme result for anger. Anger is a result of things not going how you would like. The real question is what did Andolansium want that it never got. My bet is on a taco... nobody steals my taco!!! NOBODY I SAY!!!!

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Allow me to express my Odium headcanon in my native tongue: adorable cat memes.




Odium is hatred. Like Ruin, he has become the conscious vessel of a single overwhelming emotion, the complete hatred and loathing of all things in existence.


He hates chulls.


He hates sticks.


He hates Roshar.


He hates the other Shards.


He hates the Cosmere.


He hates it when Hoid steals his Nutella and galavants across the Cosmere with it. For that matter, he hates Hoid and the Nutella both equally.


He hates everything.


He quite probably hates himself just as much.



That's just my headcanon, so I may be wrong. Still interesting to think about...

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"Preservation, as a Shard, is about preserving life, people, and the like. Not about self. No more than Ruin is about destroying self, or Cultivation is about growing herself."




I don't believe Odium hates himself, based on this quote. It's likely that he hates everything else though.

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