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Way of Kings Serial Killer


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So this guy has been going around Nevada (close to the Stormeo's factory), and he's killing small children by dropping The Way of Kings on them. It's quite a tragedy.

If you find any information about this shadowy figure, then it's urgent that you report it here. We have to stop him before he can discover The Wheel of Time.

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Quick, we must start a petition to stop the TWoT omnibus from being created!

Bah. As they say in that thread, a wheel of time omnibus can't possibly be printed. The killer would have to carry around a forklift hauling an entire printing with him, and that would just ruin his MO. Far too conspicuous. Especially if he wants to use the hardcover versions.

Of course, he could always try to carry them himself. That would be fun to watch. It would make the dullest chase scene ever. "The police are closing in on their suspect, who seems to be crawling away with what looks like some kind of piano on his back."

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