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Forsaken-esque groups in fantasy?

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After finishing up the Wheel of Time, I've been reflecting a bit on its villain cast, particularly the Forsaken, and been wondering if anyone else knows stories that feature similar groups? By this I mean a group of powerful minions of the main villain who have attained a certain epic stature in their own right and have distinct personalities (as opposed to say, the Nazgul or Thomas Covenant's Ravers, legendary evil elites where each member is pretty much identical to the others) which may or may not lead to general infighting and backstabbery. The Kingkiller Chronicle's Chandrian, the Black Company's Ten Who Were Taken, and the DragonCrown War saga's sullanciri would be other examples of the type of groups I'm thinking of (I'm hoping that the Unmade will turn out to be in this general vein, though we'll have to wait until more Stormlight books are out on that one).

So, can anyone think of elite villain groups like these?

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The disciples of Torak from Eddings' Belgariad and Mallorean are essentially the chosen disciples of an evil god.

Dee and his associates from the Alchemyst series probably fit.

Possibly Morrigan and her ilk from Iron Druid.

It might be a stretch, and I haven't gotten around to the second book, but what about the people with the broken halos from Lightbringer?

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Disciples of Torak would definitely be the kind of villains I'm talking about (I think Daeva's chosen minions from Eddings' Redemption of Althalus fit even better, though I'd consider that book inferior to the Belgariad in most other respects). The Color Prince's followers from the Lightbringer books aren't really what I'm looking for, though, since their boss hasn't really been around that long and the individual members don't have the same kind of mystique.

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Not so sure you can count the 13 forsworn as ripoffs. Thirteen is a powerful number in western civilization at this point.

The conspirators in Eddings' Tamuli books might qualify. Only one of them gets any real facetime, but each is described as having his own motivations. They even follow an evil god or gods.

The sisters of dark from the Sword of Truth. At least I think that is what they are a called. I haven't read them in a while. They are essentially Black Sisters. Many people even claim they are a direct lift from WoT. Only Nicci gets any real facetime though, and she does undergo quite a journey.

Loosely interpreted, you might be able to include the members of the deck from Mazalan. I don't know how they turn out though, as I never managed to finish book 3 due to other books coming out.

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