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Help with Cosmere-related Pokemon nicknames

Strawberry Eggs

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I wasn't sure if this was the right forum for this discussion/elaborate question, but I thought it would be the best fit.

Anyway, I'm playing through Pokémon White 2 and have yet to capture Reshiram or Kyurem. In my White Version, I named my Zekrom Ati and will name my Reshiram in White 2 Leras. My reasoning is that Reshiram and Zekrom are partially based on the concept of Yin and Yang. Also according to the games, the two Dragons were once one along with Kyurem, which seems to represent Wuji, the absence of Yin and Yang. This would make the Original Dragon perhaps representative of Taiji, the highest principle from which Yin and Yang flow. Just as Reshiram and Zekrom were part of a whole, Ruin and Preservation were as well. It helps greatly that Ruin is often represented by the color black, the same color as Zekrom and Preservation by white, like Reshiram. I chose to name them after the original human(oid) holders of the shards because just calling them "Ruin" and "Preservation" seemed rather obvious (and "preservation" is well over the character limit for Pokémon names).

This still leaves a name for Kyurem, however. Though Kyurem can combine itself with Reshiram or Zekrom, it is as of yet not possible to merge all three in order to reform the Original Dragon. As such, Kyurem doesn't really have a shard or character that represents it in the Cosmere. It isn't even known yet if the Original Dragon will be an entirely new Pokémon for just an "Ultimate" forme of Kyurem. There are a number of possible, but not entirely fitting names I have come up with, and I'd like to know your thoughts on which one would be best for Kyurem:

Sazed - Just as I named the Tao Dragons after the original holders of the Preservation and Ruin Shards, it would make some sense to name Kyurem after Sazed. It's odd to imagine the humble Terrisman as a massive Ice Dragon, but likely Ati and Leras were none too impressive before they became Shards. However, Sazed currently holds both Ruin and Preservation while Kyurem can only be Black or White. Perhaps this name would be more fitting on the Original Dragon?

Harmony - It is largely similar to Sazed, though it would break the naming convention a little. Maybe Kyurem would get a pass being close to the original, just as Sazed as Harmony is a step closer to Adonalsium?

Rashek - Rashek saw himself as being both of Ruin and of Preservation, but in truth, he only held the power of the latter. This could be likened to Kyurem combine with Reshiram to form White Kyurem. However, Rashek was not some remnant left behind by the Shards breaking off. It would also crash in a possible future game where the Original Dragon is obtainable

Adonalsium - This name fits somewhat as the original form of Ruin and Preservation does not just include them, but all Shards. There are many problems with this name though: It seems that only three Pokémon make up the Original Dragon, far fewer than there are Shards. In some ways the Original Dragon is treated as a deity, but Adonalsium might be a more appropriate name for Arceus, especially since it holds 16 Type Plates. Too bad Arceus is usually a distributed Pokémon and thus un-nick namable.

Hoid - This one is perhaps the weakest name for Kyurem. Hoid's goals are unclear and while some have speculated that he wishes to reform Adonalsium, it is (as far as I know), only speculation. He holds some base, but again, what this is exactly and if it directly related to Adonalsium is uncertain. It could relate to Kyurem wanting to "fill its body with Truth and Ideals," but again, it's largely speculation

Rutabaga - Self-explanatory.

Of course, if you have other suggestions, you may post them. :)

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I just called mine Shard.

Btw, anyone know who was posting all the Cosmere/WoT nicknamed pokes on pokecheck? I used their Scrafty, Kaladin, to solo the E4. They're gone now.

Rashek is a pretty baller name for a pokemon, though. I'll have to use that one.

Sounds like an Ursaring or something. Maybe that shiny Haxorus at the end of BW2.

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