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Howdy, I just finished reading WoR and I am new to your forum. I love the Stormlight Archives and I am an old time gamer.


I would love to run a campaign of Knights Radiant but as of yet no one has come up with a definitive system to run it in. I think it would be great if we started gathering some concrete data for creating a system to run a game. Ideally this data would come directly from the books. 17thShard and Coppermind have done a great job of collecting tons of facts and data from the books. I would like to roll that data into identifying a game system.


For instance I would like to define:

 - How much stormlight can each different kind of sphere hold?

 - How much stormlight does it take to do a lashing?


To begin with it would be nice to keep the information generic. Then as more information starts to coalesce, branch the data into different systems.


So is this something that the 17thShard or Coppermind would be interested in adding to the wealth of information that they already have?

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Given how scant the information we have is, it might be better to wait a book or two before trying to codify rules.

Of course, you could always start a freeform RPG in the meantime! The Oregon thread showed how successful those can be!

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What are the Surgebinder Theives? There are only 5 comments in the community forum. Do you have a site?


The Surgebinder Theives are a new guild in the Social Groups, Clans and Guilds section. Venture Mistborn is the leader of that one, and I am the leader of Newcago Court. It is basically roleplaying and it's really fun. You should come join. Welcome to 17th Shard, By the way! :D

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I am kind of behind in all this.  I also am pretty new, and I have no idea what you guys are talking about.  I have been on the forums a little, mostly in the Stormlight archive, but it is all way over my head.  And the thing is, people keep getting into the exact sciences of how stormlight really works, which is frustrating in and of itself, because I am not a science-y person.  Good luck on the forums, by the way.

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