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The Surgebinders Thieves

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Darting through the night, burning copper and pewter, sucking in Stormlight come the Surgebinder Theives!! We are friends and enemies of everyone.

Join now!

Here are some of our members:

Venture Mistborn: Crewleader and Compunder+Surgebinder

P.S. Queen Elsa Steelheart can we swear loyalty to you?

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Screwloose stepped into the dimly lit room. The headquarters had been difficult to find, even for him. He doubted anyone who wasn't expected would find their way into this place, much less leave intact. 


Screwloose cleared his throat "Venture? I've come about that job I mentioned."

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"I need you to get a hold of a few research materials for me. I require two hemalurgic spikes, containing charges from a Lurcher and a Coinshot respectively, as well as tissue samples taken from both types misting. The Dark Alley should have ample supplies of both."


Screwloose fixed Ven with a stare "I have a doubt as to your skills, but if you wish to back out know I'll understand. If the DA finds you attempting to steal from them it will not be pleasant in the least. If you do complete the job however then I'll make sure to recommend your services. I'll even throw in a supply contract should you ever require specialist equipment."

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A soft whirring could be heard, and a small box with a propeller flew in and hovered in the air between them. A hatch on the front opened and a small gramophone extended from within.

There was a moment of crackling white noise, then a voice came out,


"Greetings Mortals. This is a public service announcement on behalf of the DA. All intrusions and trespassing into the Alleyways will be met with some unpleasant consequences. Consequences can include: Extreme Dismemberment, The Evisceration of your Eternal Soul, and a stern talking to from a fatherly figure. Yeah, you heard that right. A STERN talking to. You might even be sent to your room*, where you will rot until you're ready to apologize"

"Thank you, and remember: The only Cookies for me are from the Dark Alley!"




* or and trans-dimensional prison of incalculable suffering

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Screwloose glanced at the box and it slashed green, falling apart before reassembling in his hand. He tossed the reassembled object out the nearest window. It buzzed off the way it had come sounding: "Nothing to see here. Nothing to see here. Nothing to see here." on repeat.


"That's made things inconvenient. I'm glad i'm not the one who's going to be sneaking in there."

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Well, I'm a little bored, and despite technically establishing the "Mafiaverse", I never actually got around to doing anything with them.. so a group of thieves sound slike a pretty fun place for a turf war. Supposing you don't mind, of course; I just feel like doing some goofy RPing lol.

(For the record, can we keep this out of the Herd thread, since that is... not an RP group here? Which is kind of strange.)


There was a small pop, the room momentarily lit up by a flash of purple magic. The light subsided, to reveal a unicorn. Stranger than that was the fact that the unicorn's coat and mane were shades of purple, and stranger than that was that the pony was wearing a suit.


The strangest thing, though, was when she started to talk.


"Seriously?" she said aloud, in a pampered tone that dripped arrogance. "These are the guys trying to muscle in? What a joke."


The fact that it had taken Dawn a long, long time of information gathering(boring), study (urgh), preparation (URGH) and magical talent to penetrate the Surgethieves lair wasn't indicative of it being a joke either way.


Smirking, Dawn whistled.

"Helloo~? Anypony here? It's the tax pony."

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The purple suited pony stared for a second before suddenly bursting into laughter.


"You're kidding," she said after a moment. "You're ki-kidding, right?"


She grinned, wiping away the tears in her eyes. 


"No," she finally said, regaining her composure. "I'm not here to join you. I'm here to collect dues" 

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Voidus stepped out of a different shadow, taking a quick look around before speaking.

"Just a warning, you may not want to use those tissue samples or spikes. Certain dummy-Alley's were set up a while ago, one of the Acolytes april fools joke I think, and all the spikes there do is give you a really high pitched voice. Well, have fun here guys."

Stepping into another shadow he vanished.

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"Yes. You do."


The unicorn's voice dropped, the smile wiping off her muzzle as she glared. As she did, a small, purple aura gathered around her horn.


"Listen here, you two-bit little thief. I have better things to do with my time than waste them chasing after mooks like you. You want to steal on my turf? Fine. You owe me a cut. Now hand it over, before I decide to get rough with you."

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I don't owe you any dues. Now be gone or I will Lash you to the sky. And Voidus, I killed 2 Mistings on my own. But they were the front door guards of the DA.


The Stranger dropped from the ceiling and landed amidst a cloud of dust. 


"Yeah, about that. Those were actually soul-stamped scarecrows, with a bit of lightweaving thrown in for good measure. If you check that tissue sample again, you'll notice it's actually some fish which we used to stuff the scarecrows. Yeah, don't ask. Let's just say Acolyte Francis has a weird sense of humor. However, if anyone wants certain, hrm, materials, we're always willing to negotiate."

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