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9/27/12 - Stroniax - Table of Gifts and Partial Gifts

Glaring at the Survivor

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Gifts and Partial Gifts

During the Fall of the Phoenix, 10 people mysteriously appeared on the planet earth. Nothing was known of them, other than the fact that they radiated danger. They were named Panther, Valcar, Serina, Cin, Corel, Fallout, Thorn, and two were mysterious.

These people had there own unique Gifts and Partial Gifts. Each had one Gift and two Partial Gifts, as far as mankind is aware. These Gifts and Partial Gifts are explained below.

Gift Summarized Explanation

The Voice One of the most powerful Gifts, and most uncommon. This Gift takes years to learn to use, and not all uses have been discovered.

Telekenesis Controlling objects with the owners mind.

Bending Light This Gift is extremely useful—it has been used to turn people or other objects invisible, make people blind temporarily or lifetime long, and even burn objects.

Elemental Control Controlling the four basic elements, fire, water, wind, and earth.

Mimmicry The owner of this can mimic any sound or person perfectly, other than owners of The Voice.

Tongues When used, anyone can understand the user and the user can understand anyone.

Gravity Control The user of this Gift can change the gravity of any object without lives, themselves, and unGifted humans.

Short Teleportation User can teleport anywhere in sight. However, this weakens them slightly.

Magnetic Control User can control magnetism.

Structural Transformation The structure of any nonliving object may be changed by the owner, if the owner is touching the object and the owner has an object that will become what the transformed object once was.

Partial Gift Summarized Explanation

Shape Shifting Owner can shape-shift into anything they have seen in person. Owners: Panther, Fallout, Thorn.

Choice-Hearing The owner hears anything they want as long as it happens during the same time as they listen. This is most commonly used to listen for danger near the user. Owners: Panther, Serina.

Telepathy Owner can read minds, and, occasionally, if they're experienced enough, they can change the thoughts of a person. Owner can also project thoughts. Owners: Cin, Corel, Thorn, and it is fabled that Panther has this as a "third Partial Gift."

Heat/Laser Vision Owner has heat vision/laser vision. Owners: Fallout.

Instant Technological Understanding The owner of this Partial Gift can understand anything of technological importance as soon as they see it. Owners: Serina, Corel.

Healing The owner can heal anyone of their choice. Owners: Cin.

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It's good that you have these and know them, but I'm sure you realize the story should be accessible without knowing the table. This would be similar to Mistborn (or a lot of other books) in that the metal effects that are important are introduced in the story, and the story could be understood well enough without finding the allomatic chart in the back of the book.

I skimmed it myself but didn't look too closely, because I don't want to miss helping you in spots where the text doesn't impart the proper knowledge, but that I got it from the table. The one thing I noticed was the listening ability that Panther has, which explains part of my problem with the prologue and chapter one that you sent out. However, it just modifies that problem into what I just mentioned -- the reader shouldn't need a chart to figure this out, but the text should explain the ability (or at least, strongly hint that an explanation exists). Since it was from Panther's POV, he presumably knows how the ability works, or has gotten used to hearing things that aren't nearby, or something that can give the reader a hint that he isn't just casually overhearing conversation from the couple standing next to him, or anything like that.

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