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Hi, I was looking around and I didnt see this anywhere and I hope I am posting in the right place, but have you(the administrators) thought about releasing an App? I would love to cruise around on my phone gettin my 17th Shard fix! Anyways, just a suggestion. I'm sure there are tons of talented people on here that would be willing to make one or I have friends that would.

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I've thought about making an app. But... here's the thing. If you want to release things on all platforms, it just makes more sense to support the web version that will work with everything.

The mobile app is not the best, but in the new version of the software, it is far superior, and something that I think will avoid the need for an app. The new site's mobile version is quite awesome, and has every ability that the desktop version has, while looking better. Full responsive design and everything.

It's just a lot of work to keep apps supported (especially across all platforms) with new OS releases. My time is fairly short and for design and production, it makes sense to support only the browser version.

I don't think websites necessarily need apps. Apps need to do something very special for it to be superior to a mobile site. I think some websites make apps and it's like "well why even bother, you could've just made your site better." And if there were to be an app, I'm... very picky. I don't have iOS devices, but I'm super critical of Android apps, and it would need to be feature complete. But it also couldn't be a clone of the website, or else what's the point. But then if you have an app-only feature, what do you do for non-app users?

I don't know. I don't think this is going to be a thing. Responsive design is the way for websites to go; one thing to support for every platform, rather than 3+ OSes with many target layouts.

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The only thing that I could think of that might work well in an app is the Interview Database. To be able to have all those WoB on the fly. But that is a (very) niche usage, and it would be easier to make the online one better first and work from there. 

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