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Alex from Germany is joining up.


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I'm Alex, 23 years of age. I live in Germany and I am working fulltime at a Rehabilitation-Institute for older people.

In my freetime I like going to the gym a lot. Like Monday till Friday. I love good food, good movies, good storys overall. I am into making movies, videos, short clips etc. for about 7-8 years now. I'm into cardistry and card-magic, as well. Slipped in there through penspinning, which I started out with in 2006, I guess. But I dropped it after 2 years, concentrating on cards, which is the better thing, in my opinion.

Aaaand I'm obsessed with reading. I could literally wake up in the morning, start reading, stop reading, and go to bed again, because its late already.

Of course the book has to be good. I'm not just reading for the sake of reading something.

And, as you might notice within my other just stated hobbies, I really like doing things, that fascinate me, myself. I see a good movie -> want to make a good one myself. I am amazed by a new technique or trick-concept in card magic -> I want to get to learn it and amaze people with it, myself. And so on.

And now, I am getting further and further into writing my own bleedings of creativity ;-) Of course, I started out by just writing and falling into the trap of suddenly not knowing where all this is going. But especially the Writing Excuses by Brandon, Dan and Co. and a few books on the subject really helped me out. And so I'm starting to get a grasp on the whole process, now.

I would love to find a nice board here. Full of people, who are in a boat with me. I would love to share my creations with you and get your opinions and criticisms on it and so steadily grow in what I would love to keep doing in my future.

For now,

just have a nice day :)


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Hey there Alex, interesting hobbies you have there :D. I enjoy reading from wake to sleep :D Problem is I usually end up reading when I should be sleeping too XD

The freaky thing is I know a guy called Alex from Germany who likes reading.... ¬.¬

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I know what you meant about reading when AoL came out I read it through and then realised that I was 5 minutes late for uni and that I'd also missed all my lectures from the afternoon the day before. :P Excellent hobbies, I've always wanted to get into pen-spinning.

Edit: Also make sure to check out the Creators corner!

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