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We have a recommendations page for books, so I figured why not have one for fan fiction?  After all, the sheer volume of fan fiction available can make finding good stories difficult, if not downright impossible; having a place to give recommendations and put "I think this is good! Link!" comments seemed like a good idea to me.


(Of course, me having a good diea is a novelty, and most likely to spontaneously combust, but we can just leave the topic up and see what happens).


Basically- have you read a fan fiction recently that you enjoyed? Post a link to it to try and let other members know that this good piece of fan fiction exists. Feel free to post any fandom, genre etc.


So, to get things started...


Beneath the Bells of Kharbranth

Starting with a Stormlight AU seemed appropriate. Written by Featherwriter, it's a one-shot suggesting what might have happened if Kaladin's life had gone a little differently. It's one of the few pieces of SA-fiction I've read, and it's a nice short- and kind of horrific- concept. Word of warning though, since it's got MAJOR spoilers for the Way of Kings.



Well, I had to get the distinction of nominating the first MLP fic, right? Asylum is another sort-of horror story. The premise is that Twilight wakes up in an asylum, the doctors telling her that her entire life up to that point (ie: the show) was the result of her mental illness. It's a fairly long fiction- just over 180,000 words- and while it's not finished, the author has suggested there are only a hoof full hand full of chapters left in it. While I'd definitely recommend it to fans of the show, since it's sort-of using an AU set-up, I think people who haven't watched the show would still find it interesting; there are a lot of callbacks and reinterpretations of the source material, but it provides information for newcomers to get the point across.

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I'll probably end up editing this post as I think of more, but for now, here's one of the best MLP stories I've read. 


The Great and Powerful Trixie Falls in Love with a Pine Cone There is nothing I can say about this story that the title doesn't say for me. I don't even know why you're still reading this description. Do yourself a favor and click on that link already. 

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