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Greetings everyone.


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Welcome! Don't take any food.

On a serious note, what's your favourite book by Sanderson?

Well in order: thanks and my favorite Sanderson book(from those I have read up to now)would be the Final Empire as it has the best conflict, battles and character arcs IMHO.



Hey man, I'm new too. Firefight was awesome. Also, are you the kind of person who is left grinning like a madman after a Sanderson book? Because I am.

Yes, in fact I am that kind of guy.



Welcome to the forums! I hope you have fun here, there's lot's to do and discuss.

Would you care to take a welcome-to-the-forums cookie?

Thank you! and yes I would care for a cookie

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Yes, what kind of reasonable, not evil person would not want a cookie?

Redbird, I just made an alliance with the DA, so I'm on your side now. The DA has shared the secret to why their victims customers experience spikes of joy after consuming the cookies. Edited by inexorablePanda
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Hey, welcome. If you're new to Brandon's stuff, might I recommend Warbreaker? As well as being free to download on his website, I think it's a perfect companion book to Mistborn.


...Er... shilling my favorite nvoel aside though, welcome! Enjoy your stay.

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