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Well, I exist.


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Seeing as the forum description urged that I declare to the world I exist, well, here I am.

Though I am very excited to get to know everyone :D (Plus, they did say all the cool people were doing it, and it's always rather been a dream of mine to be cool.)

Hum. I'm actually probably still a newcomer to the fantasy genre, though I've loved Sanderson's books for a few years now - I haven't gotten to reading many more fantasy books, to my own shame. Though I would be eternally grateful for anyone who could direct me to some other good fantasy reads, I have no idea where to start. :S

About me. Well, I hail from the great ol' windy city of Chicago in the great ol' country of the US. I'm the black sheep of my family concerning literature, being the only one that enjoys fantasy and magic instead of reality and solely ours. I even like to write often (fantasy, of course) and I always feel like Brandon Sanderson's books inspire me to write more.

Not sure what else to put about myself. I do very much enjoy drawing. I rather like cheese. I find pogo sticks quite dangerous.

Well, I guess the more time I spend here, the more you'll learn about me. :)

Again, looking forward to meeting everyone here! :D


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Welcome to the forums, we're friendly around here, and we can definitely answer questions (And probably give rise to two for every one we answer)

If you want to just hang out with us and chat, there is the cosmere chat channel over on IRC, the thread with the information is here. There's almost always people online and can answer quick questions if you have them.

Well, direction to new fantasy series is something we here can most certainly do. A lot of people have their own pet books, and series they like above many others. But I'll throw out a list of stuff I liked.

First: The Wheel of Time, there is a big re-read going on in anticipation of the final book being released in January, you can still join up and participate in that if you want to, there is a thread in the wheel of time forum for it.

The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. First in a trilogy, and is a book that a lot of us here really like.

The other Brandon Sanderson books, Elantris, Way of Kings, Mistborn, pretty much whichever ones you haven't read, you should do that.

I personally enjoyed the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, though I know a lot of people didn't. Glen Cook's Chronicles of the Black company is a pretty good first person darker fantasy series. Terry Pratchett gets a lot of love around here, though I still need to read those books myself. Terra Incognita by Kevin J. Anderson is spectacular, as is the Acacia trilogy by David Anthony Durham. Brent Weeks wrote a really good debut trilogy, the Night Angel trilogy, which is a quick read but that was really enjoyable.

Other then that, welcome to the forums, enjoy the waffles and watch out for... well, nah, other's will warn you.

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I'm glad to know everyone's nice here :) I definitely hope they'll protect me from these unknown terrors, though. (At least, my hope is that they won't feed me to them. Please use the waffles as substitutes, they're probably much softer, better for the stomach.)

Ah, Wheel of Time! Honestly, that was the series that introduced me to Brandon Sanderson's works, though I immediately fell in love with them. As far as I know, the books of his that I haven't read are Way of Kings and the fourth Mistborn book, though hopefully that'll change soon, haha.

Wow, thanks for the suggestions, though! I appreciate it, I've been basically wandering the world of fantasy, unsure of where to start. I'll definitely get reading them soon, I'll let you know how I like them! :)

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To JamesW and Brendan: I actually just rented it, just now. Brendan's urging worked. XD I think the length of it intimidated me at first, which is why I haven't read it yet, but now I'm really excited to start :D

To Joe ST: Depends. If that by chance is Avatar (the last Airbender), then yes, I most definitely am a fan. :D But other than that, I can't for the life of me figure out what AtlA stands for, haha. And thank you, I'm glad to be on board! ^_^

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Hi, Windrunner! Yes, I have seen Korra, I loved it! I do wish the season were longer though, but I'm glad they're releasing Book 2 soon. I'm so excited for it - I saw a small preview online from Comic-Con, and it looked pretty interesting. Something to do with a spirit monster, I think?

And thanks, the more I hear about TWoK the more excited I get to read it. :lol:

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Good to hear from you Momo! I too have loved Avatar, the original and the new Korra series. I have watched the series with my kids through the years.

As far as new series of books to read, I agree with most of what previous posters have said: Wheel of Time, Name of the Wind (Kingkiller series), ALL of Brandon's books, etc.

I would add both of Jim Butcher's series, The Codex Alera (more fantasy based) and The Dresden Files (A Wizard Detective who solves supernatural crimes).

Also, A Song of Ice and Fire, ie. Game of Thrones, is really good for the first three books, the last two have been pretty slow. But overall a good series.

I've enjoyed Tad Williams' series that he has written too.

Anyways, hopefully that can give you an idea or two for new series to read.

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