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What plot twists have you guessed incorrectly?


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I saw a thread about the foreshadowing you've managed to catch in Brandon's books, and it was pretty cool what people have managed to guess. But this thread is not about that.

Instead, it's about all your really stupid guesses about that books. I want you to share the ones that are hilarious when you think about them. Because crazy guesses that were wrong are fun to read.

Here are some of mine that I can remember:

- I thought that the Lord Ruler had succumbed to the power of the Deepness, which was a black slime monster. In his secret room, he had a pool filled with the Deepness, and he swam in it every three nights so that he could be immortal.

- I thought Dilaf was some sort of evil monster who was stealing the power of Elantris so that he could have magic abilities.

- I had two guesses for the cutter of Elkohar's strap. One was correct. The other was Renarin. I also thought that Navani was secretly evil. Both could be evil, but it's still silly.

- My guess that Elkohar cut the strap was correct, but I thought he did it because he had a secret death wish.

- I thought that Nightblood was the Big Bad of Warbreaker, and that he wanted to start a war so that he could destroy lots of evil.

- I also thought that Blushweaver could be the Big Bad. I did actually guess Bluefingers at one point, but that was when I was being paranoid and guessing everyone for the role of Big Bad.

- I thought that someone would reach the Eleventh Heightening, taking things up to eleven.

- I thought that the gang leader lady (Karina?) in Elantris was Raoden's mom.

- I thought that the king in Elantris was sneaking out to meet Raoden's mom, who wasn't really dead.

- I thought that Shallan was being followed by the evil "Shadow Disciples".

And yours?

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You know, I initially had a response to this. As I read through it, I had less to contribute. I'm sorry that some topics get so convoluted. I think this is one of them.

You know, I want to be a part of this place, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to do so. Please, turn my mind and encourage me otherwise!

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Ok lets see, I'll only count pure Brandon books. Cosmere stuff, cause the dumb things i've believed about WoT boggle the mind.

I read mistborn series first. I never saw kelsier dying, I thought he'd figured out a trick, akin to, but not the Lord Ruler's and was convinced that the people seeing him in the mists were actually seeing him. Nope. He dead.

Just flat out missed the entire brass earring, Ruin/Reen deal. I was also convinced that the Deepness was NOT the mists. Yeah.... not so much. I thought Demoux was the traitor. I thought Elend was the Hero of Ages, and was writing the epigraphs.

As for stormlight, I am still clinging to my erroneous beliefs until Brandon himself says i'm wrong... and then a while after

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Wow, you guys theorize way too much while reading a book .I only do that once I've finished it. While I'm reading it, I'm more like- I have no clue so why not just read and find out. Though I am inclined to believe whatever the character thinks, for example- I though Demoux was the Kandra, that Kelsier was really talking to Spook and giving him pewter- that kind of stuff. I'm really gullible that way.

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I thought Shallan was seeing Voidbringers! Kasbal had told her this theology, about how the Almighty's goodness was balanced against the Voidbringers' evil, but that humans had a "dual nature" and could create good or evil without giving rise to its opposite. So I thought that Shallan's deceit towards Jasnah was adding evil to the universe, and these Voidbringers were hovering around her, ready to reach into her heart and pull a new Voidbringer out.

I didn't like it, because it felt too juvenile a morality to me. There'd be no hard questions, if you could just peek into the spirit world and check on whether some action was creating Voidbringers or not. No Voidbringers, no evil! So I thought it was silly, but I thought Kasbal had foreshadowed it and was ready to accept it. I'm glad I was wrong.

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Oh, does it have to be stupid theories you had? 'Cause what I want to share is just me blatantly misreading the book and imagining something completely wrong. . . . XD Basically, I thought Steel Inquisitors were these brutish humanoid things with giant eel heads. >___>

Although, just to make sure I'm on-topic, I'm like Trizee, I don't think or theorise too much while I'm reading and just go with the characters' assumptions. It's only after I finish the book -- usually, anyway -- that I actually think about it. Yay for gullibility!

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When the Alloy preview chapters came out, I came out very very strongly and said there was NO WAY that Harmony was listening to Wax. I figured he was pushing some emotion out, and that he was getting good at guessing, but no way that Harmony could be hearing him. Thus the conversation blew my mind.

Actually, while reading, I tend to not do much theorizing either. I'll pick up on Cosmere stuff (like Cultivation, kayana, etc), but when I'm reading, I'm generally going full tilt immersed in the novel. But when I get sample chapters, I theorize like crazy. One of the reasons why I picked up so quickly on the "Kaladin's a magical person" was the fact that he kept having dun spheres, which was in one of the sample chapters.

This isn't me, but this topic made me think of it: Chaos thought that the idea that the mistspirit was Preservation was "silly".

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I'm in the "jump in and look back later crowd," believing the viewpoint characters as a rule.

I did pick up on Kaladin just about immediately, if I recall correctly: I think the first bridge run, when the arrows all missed him, I was like "oh, so he has the same powers as Szeth. That's nice" and then I had to wait half a book for him to figure it out himself. That and Shallan's shardblade (although only after she tried to draw it) were basically the only "big" things I've spotted ahead of time, both in WoK. I'm not looking down my nose here since I never catch anything else, but I was actually surprised that we were supposed to "figure those out." Maybe I'm just getting wily as I read more of Brandon's writing.

EDIT: Oh, and Zas, it's really best to quote the whole thing: :P

It's doubtful that the mist spirit is the embodiment of Preservation on the sole basis that it sounds really lame. Preservation is a primordial force on par with Ruin, not some loser mist spirit.

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