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THe 3 shards:what unites them


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In mist triolgy, the power of the shards are accessed by metals. In elantris, power is accessed through symbols.

So in WOK, it stands to reason while the shards are different, they too would work in a similar maner.

They are all dependant on gemstones to store shard energy, or they have their own form of stormlight nor gemstonees?

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This is a fine question. It comes down to, "what is the focus on Roshar"? Metal is the focus on Scadrial, shapes are the focus on Sel, the Commands on Nalthis. But Roshar? It's hard to tell. There's a lot of questions there. I've wondered the same thing.

No one has really figured it out. We've blabbed for nine pages on the Focuses On Roshar thread and haven't made much progress.

I think let's close this topic and continue the discussion on the Focuses On Roshar thread, if you don't mind :)

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