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Mistborn Adventure Game - A Quick Review


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I got a nice little surprise in the mail today, at least a week earlier than I had expected it. My copy of the Mistborn Adventure game, special hardcover edition, arrived along with my phone bill and several items addressed to 'Resident', whoever that shmuck is.

Noticing the sender was one Crafty Games, I tore open the box - somehow cutting myself on the piece of packing tape - and then the bubble-wrap envelope inside. With baited breath I drew it out, and for the first time, I saw the cover in person.

The sexy, sexy cover.


I admit, for a short time I just stared at it, absorbing the artwork of Ben McSweeney, also known around these parts as Inkthinker. Utterly gorgeous, with an amazing use of color and space that makes me equal parts inspired and jealous. After that, I spent some time just touching the book, feeling the smooth cover, and then smelling it.

It smells... like awesome.

After that, I carefully removed the dustjacket to admire the gold-embossed lettering on the spine.


It's very shiny.

The inside cover contains the Table of Allomantic Metals, as amazingly beautiful as ever. And yes, I spent time looking over this as well, despite the fact that I have the poster of the exact same thing on my wall right above my bed.


Before opening the book, I turned to the back to see the Feruchemical table. What I noticed first, however, was a quote from out very own Kerry Stuart (KChan).

Kerry's quote!


And then, even more awesomely, a quote from me! My name and my words, in print for the first time.

I will admit.. I squee'd. Multiple times.


The inside of the back cover contains the newly-released Table of Feruchemical Metals, looking just as snazzy as the Allomantic table in the front.


Whoopsie... two little mistakes down in the corner...


Unfortunately, I'm not going to provide pictures of the inside of the book. There has to be something for you all to wait for, doesn't there? But let me say that I am very excited, and feel a burning need to spend time paging through this, and preparing my first game. What I can say, right now, is that Brandon's short story, The Eleventh Metal, is a real treat to have in the very beginning, providing players who might not have read the trilogy something of a stepping point into the story of Mistborn and the world of Scadrial.

Further in, we get to game rules, the best character creation section I have ever seen in any game, detailed descriptions of how the metals work, interspersed with more incredibly illustrations that make me jealous. Taking in the entire thing overall, though, this is the most beautifully-crafted game book I have ever seen. The wait for it was long, but with all the effort and astounding results, I can only say it was well worth it.

Fantastic work, Crafty Games, and I'd like to give my personal respect and accolades to Ben McSweeney, Isaac Stewart, and all of the other artists and designers involved in the creation of this book. It would not be nearly so epic without your work, turning it from a mere game book, into a work of art unto itself. A tip of my hat to you all.

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