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Hey all,


My name's Clint and so far I've read the Mistborn trilogy, Stormlight Archive 1 & 2, Steelheart, and working on Alloy of Law. I will be picking up Firefight when it comes out in January. I really enjoy the Cosmere universe and can't wait for book 3 of the Stormlight Archive!


I'm the kind of guy who reads the books at home and the audiobook while driving. I really enjoyed listening to Michael Kramer narrating Mistborn & Stormlight. I got used to Kate Reading, but it definitely took me a while. Am I the only one who thought she was a text-to-speech bot at first? She has a pleasant voice, but strange and unexpected voice inflections and patterns sometimes.



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Hey, Clint? Word to the wise; turn down the cookies. You don't want to know what goes into making 'em.


Besides that though, welcome! There's actually a growing love of Steelheart and the Reckoners series on this board lately (though it's not a book I've read), so if you're interested in it, you might want to check out that RPG board. In the meanwhile, enjoy the cosmere, and enjoy your stay.

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Some 17th Shardic Activities:

If you like hanging out with other people and some RP at multi-guild parties, come to the guild page. You can find links to potential guilds in signatures. If you like coming up with crazy ideas about what could happen, check out the theories. They are insane! If you like the game of Mafia (IRL), then check out Sanderson Elimination. 

Ideas, like I said. 

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