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What one song would each character have on repeat on their iPod?

Secret Ardent Man

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I was wondering, if each character in the Stormlight Archive could only listen to one song on repeat on their iPods, who would listen to what? Some of my thoughts are below; feel free to post yours as well!


Kaladin: Bridge Over Troubled Water / I Believe I Can Fly - 


Nalan: The Sound of Silence (mostly for the opening lyric: "Hello darkness, my old friend.") - 


Ym: We Are One - 


Syl: Colors of the Wind - 


Kabsal: Secret Agent Man - 


Bridgemen in general: They Don't Really Care About Us - 




      Obviously, I could keep going, but I'll stop because I want to know everyone else's thoughts! This is just for fun, so don't get into any huge arguments or attack each other for what you consider a "poor" choice. 


      Post your thoughts, and have fun with it! 





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