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UWT: Universal Warrior Taskforce Sign-up


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Okay so this is soething based off of an RP I was in on another site. I'll give you a very basic plot outline: An evil cult is out to destroy reality. The Doctor (Doctor Who) has been tracking them but realizes he can't defeat them alone with his usual methods. So he assembles a group of heroes, that would be you to form the Universal Warior Taskforce in order to combat them.

Rules for characters:

  1. No Immortals, in other words yor character must be able to be killed.
  2. No reality warpers, things like Balefire count
  3. No one on the Lord Ruler's power level or above.
  4. No OCs. You can't have created your character, they must be from a published novel, TV series, Movie etc.

We are playing by Highlander rules, what that means is, if your head gets cut off you're dead, even if you could normally regenerate from it. There are exeptions to the power level rule like if you wanted to be Aang or Korra that would be fine as long as there is no use of the Avatar State. These can be negotiated with me.

Basically, in this sign up I want character name with an optional picture, Age, a breif bio, and a list powers a good wiki article could be used for that last one.

No as for actual RPing format, it's pretty freeform, combat will be done in turns but outside that, run wild. I don't use dice, combat will be structed i a way where you describe the attack being made and the target responds. If your characterr can't realistically counter a hit, you take the hit in your next post describing danage done and such. One final combat rule: No called hits. You can't say if your attack hit or not that is up to your opponent and wheter they can realistically counter. It's a bit of an honor system but the people here seem to be good honest folk.

Oh and one personal request, could someone please play as Vin, she was my character on the other site and Id like to see her here for sentimental reasons. I can't play heras I'll be GMng sso I ask someone to do it for me. I'm sure some Sharder will do a good job.

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Sounds awesome. I would do it if more some other people would play as well. Could you allow me to play as Karsa from Malazan book of the Fallen? I wont be able to do anything for 2 weeks as I will not have wifi starting tomorrow, FYI.

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