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I'm Sanderson's Indie Apprentice

J Washburn

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Hey, guys. Excited to be here. And surrounded by cool people.


I took Sanderson's class in Winter 2012. That's my claim to fame. I'm currently working on my second novel, SONG OF LOCKE, which was inspired by LEGEND OF ZELDA. It's on Kickstarter right now. (Because I'm an indie author, which is like being an indie band, but with more groupies.) Here's the link:




Not sure what else to say. Oh, this: Brandon is a real inspiration to me. I admire his hard work and his brilliance. And I hope to be like him when I grow up. I'm also grateful he writes so much so we have so many worlds and magics to enjoy!


It's good to be here and to mingle with all of you!


— J





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My favorite, mostly because it was the first one I played, is Ocarina of Time, so it's probably the biggest influencer. Of course, there are several tropes in Zelda that seem to occur in every game, and a few of those made it into the story as well. I'm excited to have more people read it. So far beta readers have enjoyed it. (Working on the 5th draft now.)

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Omigosh omigosh omigosh you attended Brandon's class???? *suddenly turns into baby* "it'th nat fair mommy! wanna go to Brandon'th clattttttthhhhh!"


On a completely unrelated note, here, have a cookie!

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