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Song of Albion Trilogy

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Admitedly, the first book is slow until he goes through the portal. I almost put it aside, but I thought it was really good after that and so was the rest of the trilogy. It didn't end like I wanted, but neither did the Mistborn trilogy.

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Song of Albion - especially the first 2 books, The Paradise War and The Silver Hand - are among my all-time favorites.


It helped that I wasn't overly familiar with celtic mythology, so didn't anticipate the plot too much but experienced it along with the characters.


Lawhead is, IMO, a little better than Brandon at "gnomic" passages - wise sayings, like you find in tLoR. The maze in tPW and the upriver climb in tSH really give one a lot to think about, allegorically.


I agree that the way the 3rd Albion book ended wasn't the best; several ofLawhead's other books are, IMO, really lacking or even awful.


To me, his best are the Song of Albion, the initial 3 Pendragon books, and Byzantium. The newest series, Bright Empires, started well but IMO fizzled in the fifth and final book - pity, it had such promise.


Glad to find another SRL fan here!

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