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Public API for Coppermind

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Hi everyone! I have a hack-a-thon event coming up, and I wanted to create a Cosmere related website that allows users to upload and share a sort of vision board of various Cosmere characters. Is there some sort of public API that would let me access this information so I wouldn't have to create all of these things by hand?

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Hey there! I've moved this thread to the Coppermind subforum; Arcanum is for discussion of the different website Arcanum. 

I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question, we'll have to wait for a Keeper (Coppermind-specific staff member) to come along, but I'm curious what you're thinking for the vision board? Like collecting character art and artist names? 

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Whoops, sorry about that. I saw there was a recent search asking about an API under that section, so that's why I posted there. Thanks for helping me figure out where this topic goes! 

But yes, a place to collect character art and keep a collection of them. I got the idea because there are so many great fan art posted on Reddit, and I save them, but rarely ever go back to look at them since I have to browse through all of my other saved things.

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