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Apparently this doesn't exist yet?? I would love to hear everyone's Taylor reactions and theories and opinions!! 

I just listened to The Tortured Poets Department today, and my top songs from my first listen are: 

I Can Do It With A Broken Heart

Down Bad

So High School

Who's Afraid Of Little Old Me

I Look in People's Windows

But Daddy I Love Him

So Long, London

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12 hours ago, S. Stormy said:

Not really a Swiftie... but looking at some of the lyrics and saying

...are you okay, Taylor???

Probably not when she wrote most of these songs lmao

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On 4/24/2024 at 10:20 AM, Lord Spirit said:

She’s worse at staying in a relationship than Adolin. 

She was literally in a relationship for seven years that recently ended. Just because when she was younger and dating a lot (like normal people do) and writing about it (literally her job) people shamed her for jumping between relationships. Having her life in the public eye just made everything she did get viewed as so much bigger than it was. Even now, while she's literally the biggest artist in the world, so many people talk first about her reputation with relationships, as you literally just proved. She is not defined by who she's dated. 


On 4/25/2024 at 6:30 PM, kylie13 said:

omg she’s my absolute fav! my favs from ttpd are down bad, the bolter, the tortured poets department, and im gonna get you back! 

Down Bad and imgonnagetyouback are SO good. The others too, but those two are definitely in my top five too. imgonnagetyouback didn't stand out to me on first listen but now it's one of my favorites! As well as Guilty As Sin?

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i didn’t immediately love guilty as sin on the first listen, but now I LOVE it sm!! also i really liked the album the first time i listened to it, but i think the more i listen to it, the more i love it. also i definitely think that she did date a lot of people when she was younger but that’s what most people do. especially since her relationships she was writing about happened when she was a teenager and most of the people i know have dated at least three people and aren’t even out of high school. so i think when people point out that she’s dated too many people, they just don’t understand the situation and occasion of her relationships and just want a reason to hate on her so they’re setting up a weak argument as to why she isn’t credible or talented so it’s easy for them to knock down her hard work. 

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