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Fundamental Glyphs


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This must have already been brought up, because how could it not have been, but I've searched the forum and couldn't find it.


Elhokar's blade, Sunraiser, is described as etched with the 10 Fundamental Glyphs.








Meantime, the Surgebinding chart.





I'm sure I've heard that the Glyphs representing each order are supposed to be stylization of the hilts of the ten Honorblades.




While there are obvious subtle differences, the Fundamental Glyphs appear very similar to the ten Honorblades.


Any thoughts on this? Why are these Fundamental Glyphs? What do they mean, what do they represent? Were they carved into a Shardblade, or when the Shardblade took its shape, did it decide to show up with the glyphs etched into its surface?

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They've gotten close, but it doesn't matter. They spell something in another language, Alethi or maybe even the Dawnchant. So got example when the Bridge Four glyph was analyzed, it was an Alethi word, so if we didn't already know we were looking at the word "bridge" we wouldn't have known what it meant. Honestly they probably just spell out Jeseh, Shash, and Ishi in a stylized way.

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Okay. It strikes me as a sorta odd way of saying it. We don't talk about clock faces having the "ten fundamental digits" on them. You're probably right, but I'm holding out hope it means something more.


In many cultures which have symbols to represent words/concepts (english included) the word for "One" is almost always SIGNIFICANTLY easier than Jezrien's hilt there. i.e. most of them (again, english included) have a single line in some way.


I have nothing really to back up my claim. The explanation just doesn't feel satisfying to me. I'm gonna continue to pick at it, while admitting I'm prolly on a wild goose chase.

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As a point of fact I do think there is more to the fundamental glyphs than there numerical value.  That's just one thing they represent, they are also mentioned to be related to the Orders, and probably things like the Heralds and Essences. 


For actual counting they have another system.

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