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So this is what I have pieced together as far as a timeline goes for what is published/avaliable or soon to be published. Please let me know if you think orders should be switched around (and why). I know we will probably get an official one after SA5 but I don't want to wait that long lol. Listed from closest to the Shattering to the furtherest from the Shattering.

Dragonsteel Prime

White Sand


Hope of Elantris

Emporers Soul

The Eleventh Metal

Mistborn: Final Empire

Well of Ascension

Hero of Ages

Mistborn: Secret History


Aether of Night

Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell

Way of Kings Prime

Way of Kings

Words of Radiance




Rhythm of War

Wind and Truth

Alloy of Law

Allomancer Jak

Shadows of Self

Bands of Mourning

Lost Metal

Tress of the Emerald Sea

Sixth of the Dusk

The Sunlit Man

Yumi and the Nightmare Painter

Isles of the Emberdark

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4 hours ago, ShadeWhisperer said:

Please let me know if you think orders should be switched around (and why).

We have a 90% solution for the timeline. I think the only unknown (unconfirmed) is Tress, which most likely comes after Yumi (because the Climax of Tress not shown to be a part of Hoid's events in Yumi)



  • The Prime books do not belong in the Chronology, as they are not Canon
    • Dragonsteel Prime would indeed go where Canon Dragonsteel will eventually fall
    • WoK Prime is a similar timeframe as Canon WoK
    • Aether of Night would probably have slotted around the time of Mistborn: The Final Empire since elements of that unpublished novel are in Mistborn Era 1
  • Allomancer Jak comes chronologically before Alloy of Law (the events had to have already happened to be a part of the AoL Broadsheets)
  • Tress (mentioned above)
  • Secret History spans a larger timeframe, and it's parts are broken down for Chronology here.


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